Superintendent’s Message

My name is Melissa Brown and I am very excited to introduce myself as the new Superintendent of PHOENIX Community Learning Center (PCLC). I am honored that I was chosen to lead such an amazing progressive school community. I come to you with 20 years of experience ranging from elementary, middle and high school levels as an Educator, Principal, Intervention Specialist, Title I Math and Reading Instructor. Those rewarding experiences have helped me see the social, academic and behavioral transitions from kindergarten to senior year of high school. I fully believe that educators are our societal heroes. You have an immeasurable impact on the lives of students when you are in their presence and beyond.
Our mission at PCLC is to maintain and grow a rigorous teaching and learning environment that provides every student with a sense of belonging while helping students to grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. We will ensure that all students have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. It is critical to every student's success that they graduate from high school with the habits of mind and skills necessary to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams.
We know that the past year has been a highly stressful year for school districts across our State and our nation. Many schools, including the PCLC struggled with the issue of how to best educate their students, while still keeping everyone as safe as possible during a pandemic that none of us could have predicted or foreseen. Our primary goal is to continue to support the teachers and staff and to provide them with the tools they need to be successful and help our students grow and prosper. We believe that great schools are the result of great teachers.
We are reaching out to students, parents, families and members of the community for your participation as we partner together to provide the best instruction possible while keeping all students and staff safe. I also want to express my admiration for the job performed by Superintendent Glenda Brown. and I look forward to serving the Phoenix Community Learning Center and the community. Trust that I will stand by you, collaborate with you, and be your ally in serving ALL members of our community. Again, I am thrilled to continue my transition into the role of Superintendent and look forward to working with you very soon.
In service,
Melissa Brown