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Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Schedule

Dear 2nd Grade Parents/Guardians

Tuesday some students are scheduled to come to school and take the winter MAP test. We will not be meeting on zoom, but you child is required to login and complete the work which will count as their attendance. When your child is not scheduled to come in, they need to complete these assignments. Everyone must complete these assignments. We will be monitoring their progress online in GoGuardian.

If they are scheduled to come in, Please make sure they wear their mask and bring their laptop and cord.


Amplify Read (robot) – Listen to the story in Unit 4 “The Daydream”


Amplify Read (monsters) – minimum of 30 minutes


Math – Spiral Review Chapter 6


Redbird – minimum of 30 minutes


Epic – Book title “Earth” and complete the quiz

Class Code: vsr4077