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Welcome to Ms. Amatulli's Page
My name is Ms. Amatulli and this is my 12th year working at PHOENIX! I have several roles here at PCLC, but this one is specific to SCIENCE - my all time favorite subject and passion! I was the 7th and 8th grade science teacher here for 8 years and now I am the science coach and member of the administration team. It is my job the support all of the science teachers in the building and to make sure that PHOENIX students have the best science curriculum, materials, teachers and instruction possible! 
Teachers: this is your landing page. You should introduce yourself, your class, welcome everyone to the school year, tell what you will be working on for the unit, and all things like that. This should change quite often. If you have recorded lessons you made, the current ones could go here (as well as on the class page through posts) and then you would move them to the side when you post new ones. This is also where you can put your schedule (I would embed it as a PDF on the page), the weeks current learning targets, and really any essential information. 
Learning Targets for the Week of...
This week we will work on the following learning targets:
  1. I can...
  2. I can...
  3. I can...
  4. I can...
Zoom Links:
Teachers, place your Zoom links can hyperlink them to words so that all the students have to do is click on them and go directly to your Zoom sessions.