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Cell Phone and Personal Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices/Cell Phone/Personal Communication Device Policy


PHOENIX Community Learning Center is a learning organization. We are continually reviewing research and our own practices in order to improve the educational experience for our students. Research, and our own practical experience, has shown that cell phone/personal communication device (PCD) use in school has a negative effect on school-aged children. It increases disciplinary issues, decreases connection and social skills, and distracts students from their studies. If a parent/guardian feels that it is necessary for their child to bring a cell phone/PCD to school for emergency use after school, there must be an authorization letter from the parent/guardian in the administrative office. Our cell phone policy will now be extended to smartwatches, tablets, PCDs, and other electronic devices (headphones, MP3 players, iPods, etc.).

PCLC students may NOT be in possession of their cell phones/PCDs/electronic devices during the school day. Students may either:

  1. Leave these devices at home
  2. Turn their devices into the designated area/person when they first arrive at school and before entering the classroom. Students who are late to school will turn their devices into the front office upon arrival.

Once collected, all devices will be stored in a locked office until they are returned at the end of the school day.

If a student chooses not to turn in their cell phone/PCDs when entering the building and is found to be in possession of any device during the day, they will be out of compliance with the cell phone/PCD policy. Non-compliance with this policy will result in the following sequence of consequences:

  1. A first offense will result in a documentation report in Student Behavior Watch for having a PCD during school hours. The device will be confiscated and stored in the main office until a parent/guardian comes to pick it up and meet with an administrator to review the electronic device/cell phone/PCD policy and discuss next steps for further issues.
  2. Subsequent offenses (note that it does not have to be the same device) will result in an office referral. The device will be confiscated and kept until the end of the school year, when a parent/guardian must come and pick it up. After the first offense, subsequent offenses may result in disciplinary action that can range from detentions to suspensions.

If found to be in possession of a device, students are expected to provide the device to the requesting adult without argument. Refusal to give-up a device when asked by a staff member to do so will result in more severe consequences. 

During the 2021-2022 school year, we saw a significant increase in the amount of wireless earbuds and other headphones being worn by students. While some of these devices were not directly connected to phones and other devices, they contributed to disengagement in class. Headphones may not be used or worn during the school day unless specifically requested by the teacher. Students are permitted to bring headphones to school, and are encouraged to have them for educational purposes, but are not permitted to use or wear them unless their use is directly connected to a school activity approved by the teacher. Violations of this policy will result in the same sequence of consequences as electronic device/cell phone/PCD violations.

If, for any reason, you need to get in touch with your child(ren) during the school day, please contact the main office at (513) 351-5801.