Thomas Brown » Mr. Browns 4th grade (4B) Class!

Mr. Browns 4th grade (4B) Class!

welcome to the 4th grade! 4th grade is a very exciting time for students, we to get much deeper into the content of Math, Language Arts, Social studies and science! I hope to foster students wonder about the world we live in, and the universe we are a part of!
Please note that every night I send homework home.
For science They should be going outside every evening/night for 28 days to observe the moon and draw what it looks like. The purpose of this is to see how the Earth and moon system works, We discuss this in class and it is far more enriching if the students are actually observing the moon. 
Homework for week of October 3-7
Monday Math My homework page 117 Solve multi-step, word problems
Tuesday: Fluency practice page 119 1-20 both sides
Wednesday: My Homework Lesson 1 page 139  "Relate Multiplication and Division"
Thursday: My homework Lesson 2 page 145 "Relate Division and Subtraction
Friday:My Homework Lesson 3 page 151 Multiplication as comparisons