5th Grade Math

For the Week of 4/26/2021:
State Testing Continues Monday for Red Team. You will be taking the Science test. 
Due to internet issues and teachers being out due to Covid vaccine side effects, last week's testing was delayed. All students will remain in their first block classes to accommodate for the two parts of the science test. Please check EACH of your teachers' webpages for your assignments for today.
Make sure to bring your school computer, charger, bottled water, and any school supplies that you may need (pencil, paper, etc). 
Monday: Lesson 7.8 Extra Practice in ALEKS. Work on Coordinate System in Study Island, or your path when that is completed.
Tuesday: Lesson 7.9 in ALEKS
Wednesday/ Thursday: Chapter 7 Review in ALEKS
Friday: Chapter 7 Test in ALEKS