6th Grade Math

For the Week of 4/5/2021:
 State Testing Begins Monday. 
Testing will be in-person at Phoenix.
Please make sure to bring your school computer, charger, and any school supplies that you may need (pencil, paper, etc). 
Once you have finished your test you will work independently to complete any overdue assignments. The 3rd quarter ends this Friday. Assignments from February 1st to April 9th will be able to be completed and turned in. Any assignment s turned in after midnight on Friday Feb, 9th will not be accepted.
If you have all assignments completed and turned in you will work on your path in Study Island and/or ALEKS. 
There will be NO Zoom sessions this week. I expect that at least 4 lessons be turned in, and/or you complete at least 40 minutes on your path 4 times this week. You will be counted absent of you do not take your state test, turn in a lesson or work on your path each day.
Please make sure that laptops and chargers come to school for testing.