5th Grade Math

For the Week of 2/1/2021:
MAP testing will Begin on Monday.
Students from 5-A will log into class at 9:00 am, and stay with me until 11:30.
They will go to their regular afternoon classes at the normal times. 
This week will be testing for Reading
Students will have activities on Study Island when they complete the MAP test. It is very important that students be on time, rest well the night before, and work in a quiet space without help so that we can have a true assessment of their abilities. 
When testing ends for the week we will continue with our regular assignments. Due dates are visible in ALEKS once the assignment is delivered to students. We may not get to all of the planned lessons this week due to testing.

Lesson 5.10 in ALEKS

I can subtract decimals.


Decimals Review in Study Island

I can add and subtract with decimal numbers.