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Useful Links

Here are some links to websites that you may find helpful:
Instructions for logging into websites: 
nearpod: Each nearpod lesson will have a unique code that students will use to access the lesson. These codes are generated by the teacher during class for live lessons, or prior to posting a student-paced lesson on class pages. No account is required for students. 
Amplify/Amplify Reading: Students will log in with Google. If it is the student's first time logging in, the site may ask them to provide a class code - that code is: 2XZJ09
Study Island: Each student has their own unique username and password. If they have lost, forgotten, or otherwise do not know their username and/or password, please have them reach out to one of their teachers, (all of us can look this up).
ReadWorks: After their initial log in, students simply have to log in with Google. However, they need to add my class to their list in order to receive and be able to complete my assignments. Here are the codes for each homeroom:
6A: 4Z5RVK
6B: VVCH42
CommonLit: Initial log in will require a code in order to be added to my class; however, as of right now, I have not created any CommonLit accounts for the 2020-2021 school year - I will update the information when I have it. After that, students will be able to log in with a username and password. I will have access to the usernames, but NOT the passwords, so they need to try to remember this - they can be reset, but of course it's easier if they just remember what they chose.
ThinkWave: The ThinkWave admin for our school has to send out an invite, and students need to create an account. (If they have done this in previous years, the same log in information should work for them.) I believe that our admin is Principal Brown. Students and/or parents can email her directly using the staff directory on the Phoenix website.