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Ms. Laurens Koonce » Weekly Learning Goals and Assignments

Weekly Learning Goals and Assignments

9/21-25. Students will be able to define Chronology, Timeline and Sequence.
Learning Goal:  Students will be introduced to the study of history terminology, timelines, primary sources and secondary sources.
I Can Statement:  I can identify the historical terminology.  I can identify primary and secondary sources. I can create slide presentation or  written report on my learning, of this project.
Learning Targets for the Week of 10/19:  Construct a timeline of significant events in your life and the world  to demonstrate an understanding of units of time and chronological order.
Assignment for Week of 10/19:  Go to if you need an account go here.
Assignment and rubric here
*Review of timelines and the unit nearpod code:V7LI9
Quiz 10/22. if you need to take the quiz and were not in class
nearpod. code for 6B. see me
                             6A  NGCB8
                             5A  F3ZS7
                             5B  57GRV
Learning Target for 11/2 : Guiding Question:  How can I tell the difference between a primary and a secondary source?
Objective: In Primary and Secondary Sources, students will learn how to identify and differentiate between primary and secondary sources.
Assignment for 11/2:  Nearpod:  LRH4B
Nearpod:   Daily Geography.  week 1: LF6NV.     
                                                week 2: JB5LS. 
                                                week 3: K6IVB
                                                week 4: 36MHA
                                                week 5: DCK3X
Learning Target for 11/30: Students will be able to: define key terms list the five themes of geography identify characteristics of the five themes of geography
5 Themes of Geography: I can analyze the 5 Themes of Geography.
1- I can define location and give examples of it.
2- I can define place and give examples of it.
3- I can define Human/Environment interaction and give examples of it.
4- I can define movement and give examples of it.
5- I can define region and give examples of it.