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My name is Mrs. Koonce, this is my second year teaching  5th and 6th grade Social Studies here at Phoenix. I have been teaching 18 years and love working with technology and teaching social studies.  This year we will cover a multitude of topics ranging from maps to government, and ancient civilizations.
I am excited to work with you and your students this year, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.
Nearpod link:
Readworks:  Weekly homework.
Homework is assigned weekly: Students are expected to read an article  everyday from readworks, students choose an article daily and complete the passage and activity.  Homework will be turned in on Fridays.
5th and 6th grade learning target and Assignments:
Learning Targets for the Week of 10/19:  Construct a timeline of significant events in your life and the world  to demonstrate an understanding of units of time and chronological order.
Assignment for Week of 10/19:  Go to if you need an account go here.
Assignment and rubric here
*Review of timelines and the unit nearpod code: HANGJ
Quiz 10/22. if you need to take the quiz and were not in class
nearpod. code for 6B. see me
                             6A  NGCB8
                             5A  F3ZS7
                             5B  57GRV
Learning Target for 10/26: Research, organize, and evaluate information from primary and secondary sources to create an historical narrative.  
Assignment for 10/26:  Nearpod:  LRH4B
Daily Geography in Nearpod  week 1: LF6NV.     
                                                week 2: JB5LS. 
                                                week 3: K6IVB
                                                week 4: 36MHA
                                                week 5: DCK3X
                                                week 6: 2MNLR