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My name is Mrs. Koonce, this is my second year teaching  5th and 6th grade Social Studies here at Phoenix. I have been teaching 18 years and love working with technology and teaching social studies.  This year we will cover a multitude of topics ranging from maps to government, and ancient civilizations.
I am excited to work with you and your students this year, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.
Nearpod link:
Readworks:  Weekly homework.
Homework is assigned weekly: Students are expected to read 2- 3 articles a week from readworks, students choose an article daily and complete the passage and activity.  Homework will be turned in on Fridays.
Hello Students,
Here is the schedule for when you may meet with teachers during 3rd period. Although it is optional to attend 3rd period, we strongly recommend it to receive guidance on your project. The project is a grade in all four of your classes as math, science, social studies and ELA because all play a part in the overall product. 3rd period class starts at 10:50am and ends at 11:35am.
Tuesday: ELA: 
5th and 6th grade Learning Target and Assignments:
Learning target for 1/19:
How does location affect the culture of a people?
1.Why were settlements established near water sources?
2. What theories explain early people's possible migration routes to the Western Hemisphere?
Objective: Students will explore  Mayan, Inca, Aztec society and compare and contrast the civilization to each other.
I can describe the government, social structures, religions, technologies, and agricultural practices of Maya, Inca, Aztec, and civilizations.
Daily Geography in Nearpod   (week 12)  4Z35F.     Week. 1/18. 93PCD
Ancient Civilization multi tier Timeline  Code: QYUID