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8th Grade Learning Targets

Newest Learning Targets
1. Distinguish the terms erosion and deposition.
2. Explain how waves cause erosion and deposition.
3. Describe the process of glaciers forming and moving.
4. Explain how glaciers cause erosion and deposition.
5. Differentiate constructive and destructive geologic processes.
6. Use a topographic map to describe and recognize changes to a landscape caused by erosion.
Old Learning Targets
  1. Distinguish the features of Earth's core, mantle, and crust. 
  2. Explain how earthquakes, volcanoes, and continental drift support the theory of plate tectonics.
  3. Explain how sea floor spreading links continental drift with the theory of plate tectonics.
  4. Categorize heat transfer as either radiation, convection, or conduction.
  5. Discover how convection currents cause slabs of Earth's crust to move.
  6. Understand how density and temperature drive convection currents.
  7. Explain how glacier mold a landscape.
  8. Discover the many types of erosion.
  9. Analyze seismic waves for P waves, S waves, and surface waves.
  10. Distinguish the features of data from a seismograph.
  11. Locate the epicenter of an earthquake.