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7th Grade Learning Targets

Newest Learning Targets
  1. List the properties of nonmetals.
  2. I can identify the groups that contain nonmetals.
  3. I can compare and contrast nonmetals and metals.
  4. Describe the size of an atom.
  5. State the parts of an atom.
  6. Describe an element using its physical properties.
  7. Explain how elements are organized on the periodic table.
Passed Learning Targets
  1. Explain how local and global winds combine knowledge of convection currents with the water cycle. 
  2. List the gases in the atmosphere.
  3. Explain the significance of each gas.
  4. List the properties of air.
  5. What instruments measure air pressure?
  6. Explain how pressure and density change with altitude.
  7. Explain features about each layer of the atmosphere.
  8. Draw images related to each layer of the atmosphere at the appropriate altitude
  9. Discover experiments you can do with air pressure every day!
  10. Explain how the atmosphere and hydrosphere cycles and recycles matter.
  11. Discover the way energy transfers in the atmosphere.
  12. Distinguish greenhouse gases from one another in terms of severity and sources.
  13. Create a pie chart of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  14. Explain how a greenhouse gas effects the atmosphere.
  15. State how Earth moves through space.
  16. Explain and model how Earth has seasons.
  17. State the phases of the moon.
  18. Explain the cause for the phases of the moon.
  19. Understand the position of the moon, sun, and Earth during solar and lunar eclipses.
  20. Compare a spring tide with a neap tide.