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Mr. Cypher-Tierney's Bio

Mr. Cypher-Tierney’s Science Class!


Hello! My name is Mr. Cypher-Tierney. Science is my favorite subject to learn and teach! I have always been curious about the world around me. It is my mission to help students become life-long learners of science. Learning about science at a young age will help students be successful in an increasingly scientific and technologic world.

Some things about me: I love the outdoors, going on hikes, exploring new places, running, cooking, and hanging out with friends and family!

In science, I use Savvas Realize, Study Island, Nearpod, and Zoom along with the Phoenix website to educate my students. Students MUST get online to learn. Not going online will put them at risk for falling behind. Help your child by sitting down with them to see how they access the following websites. At the links below, students will be able to log in and find all the assignments that will help them keep their skills sharp and tuned. To reach me please email me at:

Here is a link to my website if you would like to learn more about me:
Mr. Cypher-Tierney
Zoom Links
5B Science
Time: 09:00-09:55 AM 
Join Zoom Meeting:
5A Science
Time: 10:05 - 10:50 AM
Projects/8th Grade Tutoring!
6B Science
Time: 12:35 - 1:20 PM
6A Science
Time: 1:30 - 2:15 PM
Project Schedule!
Hello Students,
Here is the schedule for when you may meet with teachers during 3rd period. Although it is optional to attend 3rd period, we strongly recommend it to receive guidance on your project. The project is a grade in all four of your classes as math, science, social studies and ELA because all play a part in the overall product. 3rd period class starts at 10:50am and ends at 11:35am.



Hi everyone, 
On December 21st Saturn and Jupiter appeared very close in the sky! So close in fact that they won’t be that close again in 800 years! Here is a picture of the two planets through a telescope. Can you see Saturn’s rings? What about Jupiter’s moons? 

6th Grade Cellular Organelle Flashcards

Hi 6th graders,
Use the following link to review cellular organelles:
*** Please stay after class for additional help with cellular organelles. It will be difficult to continue this unit if you do not have a good understand of what the cell organelles are and what each one does.

Introduction to Savvas Realize

This video shows you how to get to the website, log in using your school login information, and access your assignments for science class.