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Social Studies Skills

  • Geographic Literacy
    1. Using Cartographer's Tools/GIS
    2. Analyzing & Interpreting Special Purpose Maps
  • Visual Analysis
    1. Analyzing Graphic Data (priority focus)
    2. Analyzing Images
  • Critical Thinking and Reading (See also Social Studies ELA Standards)
    1. Identify Main Idea (priority focus)
    2. Sequencing
    3. Identify Cause and Effect (priority focus)
    4. Draw Inferences and Conclusions 
    5. Make Valid Generalizations 
    6. Distinguish between Fact and Opinion (priority focus)
    7. Compare and Contrast (priority focus)
    8. Analyze Primary and Secondary Sources (priority focus)
    9. Recognize Bias (priority focus)
    10. Identify Frame of Reference (F.O.R.) and Point of View (P.O.V.) (priority focus)
    11. Decision Making
    12. Problem Solving (priority focus)
  • Communications
    1. Using Reliable Information
    2. Transfer Information form one medium to another
    3. Synthesize information 
    4. Supporting a position
Priority focus skills are identified are those skills that I believe will help students develop effective comprehension and writing skills, including analyzing historical text, and developing critical thinking skills. The comprehension and writing framework, scaffold, and rubric Phoenix uses is R.A.C.E. (Restate and Answer the writing prompt, Cite textual evidence in support of the answer, and in conclusion Explain, Elaborate, and justify the writing prompt answer based upon the cited textual evidence identified by the student)