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Grading and Grade Scale

The goal of PHOENIX Community Learning Center is to have teachers and students focus more on the quality of the work students complete as opposed to receiving a letter grade. Therefore, instead of using the traditional letter grades the PCLC will use the following to rate student performance:

High Quality Work (HQW)

100% - 90%

Quality Work (QW)

89% - 80%

Fair Work (FW)

70% - 70%

Unsatisfactory Work (UW)

69% - 0%

The components of student grades are shown in the graph above. Please note that short cycle assessments (SCA) and projects comprise the largest part of the students' grades. Classroom teachers assign homework each day. Homework is intended to reinforce instruction, provide additional practice, and support daily quizzes, bi-weekly SCAs and inquiry projects. Teachers post all homework, projects and other assignments (aside from tests) on their teacher page weekly. This is where you can find any work your child missed. If you have questions about homework assignments or inquiry projects, please refer to our teacher pages or contact the classroom teachers. Report cards and mid-term progress reports will be provided to parents/guardians quarterly.

In addition to their academic grades, students also receive a citizenship grade on each midterm and report card.

Checking Your Child's Grades
Phoenix utilizes THINKWAVE as our grading system. If you would like access to check your child's grades, please reach out to their classroom teacher.