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Dean's List

Greetings Phoenix Family…  

The end of the school year has arrived and we are proud to announce that 8 students in PHOENIX International High School made the Dean’s List!  Congratulations to the following students for finishing strong and making their mark in Qtr 4.  Thank you to all the students, parents/guardians, teachers and staff that worked hard to ensure your child reached academic excellence at PIHS.  

    • Eremiah Grant                        3.2 GPA
    • LaShay McWilliams            3.2 GPA
    • Livyonna Moore                     3.3 GPA
    • Devin Ozier                               3.2 GPA
    • Jamar Silvers                           3.4 GPA
    • Shyair Thomas                       3.0 GPA
    • Steaira McCloud                  3.2 GPA
    • Khylee Thornton                 4.0 GPA


Again, congratulations to the 8 students who worked hard in the 4th & final quarter!!! Have a great summer and continue to do great things!!  See you in the new school year..

Educationally Yours,


Anthony Robinson, MHRM

Dean of Students, 

PHOENIX International High School