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Dean's List

Hello PHOENIX Family!

We are rounding 3rd base and heading home for the 4th qtr!  But before we close out the school year, let’s take a moment to highlight those who buckled down and made their mark on the 3rd quarter Dean’s List. The following students continued to push through the harsh weather conditions, came to school and completed their assignments timely.  These students also challenged each other, held other students accountable and tested well on all subject matters.  As Dean of Students, we want to congratulate you all on your academic excellence and encourage you to help your fellow students achieve the same success as our school year winds down.  FINISH STRONG!!!  We salute following students:



6th Grade (Honorable Mention)

Breyonna Anderson               3.4

Keelyn Cockrell 3.0

Sophia Edwards 3.4

Brandon Lewis 3.0


6th Grade (Dean’s List)

Windez Bates   3.6

Caleb Binford 3.6

Brianna Mazion 3.8

Richard Rone III 3.6

Nicholas Steverson 4.0

Cierra Williams 3.8


7th Grade (Honorable Mention)

7th Grade (Dean’s List)

Madeline Hill 3.6


8th Grade (Honorable Mention)

Markhia Chambers 3.0

Myron Edwards 3.0

Charisma Williams 3.0


8th Grade (Dean’s List)

Raimi Rone 3.6



9th Grade (Honorable Mention)

Eremiah Grant                    3.2

Livyonna Moore                  3.33

Don’taya Spikes-Mitchell   3.0


10th Grade (Honorable Mention)

Steaira McCloud                 3.0


10th Grade (Dean’s List)

Khylee Thornton              4.0


Thank you again for all of your hard work during the 3rd Qtr of your 2017-2018 school year.  We Celebrate You!!!


Sonny Carter, Dean of Students PCLC

Anthony Robinson, Dean of Students PIHS