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Hawes First Grade-ELA

Course Description

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is exciting to start the school year–a warm welcome back to you and your child! During the early weeks of school, we will review the skills taught in Kindergarten. This review period will also give us the opportunity to get to know your child better so we can identify his or her particular areas of strength and weakness in reading. It is important that we determine exactly what level of instruction is most appropriate for your child. Once we have completed our evaluations, your child will be placed in the instructional materials most appropriate for his or her learning needs. You will begin to see more examples of classwork, as well as homework, on a regular basis. It is important that parents become involved in the education of their child. If you would like information on how you can help your child at home, please do not hesitate to contact me. You will continue to receive periodic family letters that will give you tips and activities to do with your child at home. I look forward to teaching your child this year and helping each student to grow as a reader!


ELA Learning Targets- Week 1-2

I can orally blend and segment single-syllable words with up to three phonemes.

I write upper- and lowercase letters: . [L.1.1a]

I can decode CVC words. [RF.1.3b]

Upcoming Assignments See all


Unit 4- The Green Fern Zoo

Our class will start Unit 4 of the Core Knowledge Language Arts program this week. The reader for this unit is called The Green Fern Zoo. Your child will bring home stories you can read together about zookeeper Vern and the different types of animals he cares for at the Green Fern Zoo. Remember that reading at home with your child is important for his or her success as a reader. The stories can also be found on the Hub in Amplify Reading.
I can blend and segment one-syllable words.
I can read words with the /ar/ sound.
pg. 14.1
MAP Testing
MAP Testing
MAP Testing
I can identify nouns and verbs in a sentence.


Spring MAP Testing Information

PHOENIX Community Learning Center

Tel. 513-351-5801

Dear PCLC Parents & Guardians:


It is time for our Spring NWEA MAP Testing! We are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. The spring assessments are similar to the fall and winter tests your child(ren) completed earlier this school year.

NWEA ​MAP Growth is used to measure a student’s performance level at different times of the school year and determine their academic growth in mathematics and reading. ​

MAP tests reading and math will be administered Tuesday, 5/11/21 – Friday, 5/21/21.   We need your support to ensure your child does his/her best. Here’s how you can help.

  1. Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest.
  2. Encourage your child to do his/her best.
  3. Make sure your child comes to school every day

Testing Schedule

KG - 4







10am – 12noon




10am – 12noon




10am – 2pm




10am – 2pm




10am – 2pm

KG -2





We look forward to your full support in ensuring every child is successful If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at the number above.

Best regards,


No Zoom- May 11-13, 2021

On Tuesday-Thursday students are scheduled to come to school and take their spring MAP test. We will not be meeting on zoom, but your child is required to log in and complete the work which will count as their attendance. When your child is not scheduled to come in, they need to complete these assignments. Everyone must complete these assignments. I will be monitoring their progress online in GoGuardian.

If they are scheduled to come in, Please make sure they wear their mask bring their laptops, headphones, and most importantly computers are fully charged. If students forget their laptops or it isn't charged they will need to reschedule their testing date.


Assignments are posted in

Study Island,

MyMath-Am I Ready, 

Amplify Reading-1hour

NO ZOOM- Wednesday, April 14, 2021

There will be no Zoom today. Please have your child complete the following assignments.
Raz-Kids- Leveled book assignments
MyMath- Am I Ready?, Chpt 6 (Lesson 1 & 2) Practice
Study Island

Spring Break 2021

Dear Parents or Guardian,                 

Spring Break is next week, March 22nd through March 26, 2021. Your child will have school work to practice and complete over the break. All work will be done online.


Please have your child login to Razkids and read their books.(Purple Reading Planet)

When they finish with the books they are to take the assessment that follows.

My Math

Have your child login to My Math and complete the homework assignments. Your child is familiar with the programs and the website. 


Kids A-Z Login Instructions

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher's username, chawes6

Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart

Step 4: Your child enters his or her password (apple icon)


PCLC will have new uniforms for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will continue to wear khaki bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, jumpers) with a black or brown belt. Students that attend our primary school in grades K-3 will wear red polo shirts. Gym shoes will be permitted this year for all grades.

MAPS Testing-Thursday, February 25, 2021-No Zoom

On Thursday some students are scheduled to come to school and take the winter MAP test. We will not be meeting on zoom, but you child is required to login and complete the work which will count as their attendance. When your child is not scheduled to come in, they need to complete these assignments. Everyone must complete these assignments. I will be monitoring their progress online in GoGuardian.

If they are scheduled to come in, Please make sure they wear their mask and bring their laptop, cord and head phones



30 minutes- students should click on green planet(Headsprout)

Amplify Reading-1 hour (30 minutes robot "Gran" reader, 30minutes monsters Amplify Reading)

Study Island

-Addition and Subtraction Practice

-Complete Sentences


MyMath Assignments

Chpt 5 Lesson 4 Practice

Chapt 5 Lesson 5 Practice


Login to ConnectedEd for assignments


**Please be sure to click on the Green Assessment tab for additional assignments that must be completed. See the attachment for details.**

Students may login to for additional reading.

ReadWorks Login Infomation

How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to

2. Students enter class code QXUCSQ

3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234

Winter Break Packet

Hello First Grade!
Below you find the assignments for Winter Break. 2020 has been a year of many changes for many of us, but WE MADE IT. I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, Be safe, wear your masks, stay six feet apart, and spred LOVE! See ya next year.
Ms. Hawes
ReadWorks Assignments
Staying Dry in the Snow
Solving Cold Weather Problems
A Smelly Skunk
What is  a Law?
Amplify Reading
2 hours
Spiral Review 1
Spiral Review 2
Mathe Review Chpt 1-3
RedBird- 1hour
 All assignments are to be completed online.

Assignments for Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Good morning! We will not have online class today.
Amplify Reading (30 minutes)
Epic!- "Albert Helps Out"
code kyt3166
NearPod- Rhyming Words- (Students need to. click on the two
words that rhyme)

*Join with this CODE at*


Please have all assignments completed by 3:00 pm for attendance. If you need passwords please text me.