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Music Appreciation

Course Description


This class is taught as a Music Appreciation class.

Each day the students enter the class, they have a Writing Prompt. This writing prompt is centered around our Learning Target for the semester. The students have 10 minutes each class period to write on the topic given. After the 10 minute, as a class we discuss the writing prompt. We critically break down the topic and analyze the subject. Students bring to the conversation their personal thoughts, options and experience. We compare the differences and similarities music past and present. Each Writing Prompt is worth 10 points.


We are current reading, discussing, viewing Documentaries, YouTube Clips and Movies of the Motown music era. The students are learning to critique, Analyze and compare Motown music, artist and lyrics to the current R&B and Hip Hop of today. The students are required to take notes each class. Class notes are worth 10 points.


The end of the semester project is for the STUDENTS, with the teachers guidance, to plan, organize and produce THE PHOENIX Holiday Celebration. The theme will be Motown Christmas at the Apollo Theater. The end of semester Holiday Production Project is worth 100 points. Each student MUST participate in some form of the production and be in attendance the day of the performance to receive the 100 points.