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Flipgrid Holiday Project

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Flipgrid Holiday Project

BACKGROUND: Throughout Domain 2, 1st Grade has been learning about ‘The Human Body’.  All materials taught can be found in the links listed below.

TASK: Students will create 3 Flipgrid Videos over the holiday long weekend addressing the requirements for each video reflection.

Students are able to be as creative as they wish, for example, they could draw pictures to use in their video or use actions and props to enhance their presentations.

AUDIENCE: 1st Grade Students and Teachers at Phoenix Community Learning Center

Video 1: Introduce yourself and tell the audience 3 ways to stay healthy.

Video 2: Students tell the audience 2 interesting facts about the human body that they have learnt so far.

Video 3:  Students ask their audience 1 question about the human body.


Domain 2 – The Human Body Resources

Lesson 1 – Everybody has a Body [Systems]

Lesson 2 – The Body’s Framework [Support]

Lesson 3 – Marvelous Moving Muscles [Voluntary]

Lesson 4 – Chew, Swallow, Squeeze and Churn [Digestion]

Lesson 5 – The Body’s Superhighway [Heart]

Lesson 6 – Control Central: The Brain [Nerves]

Lesson 7 – Dr. Wellbody’s Heroes [Diseases]

Lesson 8 – Five Keys to Health [Healthy]

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