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Course Description

Course Description: ELA 7B will provide a meaningful, integrated program that is planned and developed for all students utilizing the four language arts processes: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Reading instruction will expose students to a variety of reading strategies for reading literary and expository texts.  Writing instruction will include the development of written communication skills, including narrative, informative/explanatory, and argumentative writing.  Standard English conventions are developed through the writing process.  This course is aligned to Common Core Standards and Ohio standards for 7th grade English/Language Arts.

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LWTW: Chapter 6 Assignment

LWTW: Chapter 6 Assignment
1) What does Nya like about the camp at the lake?
2) What is Nya's mother afraid of when the family is at the lake camp?
3) Who calls Salva's name?
4) How long had this person been walking with the group before he found Salva?
5) What does this person have that makes him useful to the group?
6) What causes Salva to be up sick most of the night?
7) What sad news does this person tell Salva after the group had finally slept following a 10-hours long all night walk?
8) When Salva's uncle wakes him, Salva hears someone crying. What evidence does this tell us about the situation the group is in? How would you feel if you were in a situation like this? Why? Use details from Chapter 6 in your response.


LWTW: Chapter 7 Questions

LWTW: Chapter 7 Questions


Study Island: Individuals, Events, and Ideas

Study Island: Individuals, Events, and Ideas


Winter MAP Testing Schedule

Winter MAP Testing will take place in February. Students will test in their first bell classes. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week, students will remain in their first bell classes until 11:30am while they are testing. On Thursday and Friday, students will follow their regular class schedules, and makeup testing will take place for those students who need to finish up their MAP tests.
The following is the test schedule:
Week of Monday, 2/1/21: Reading MAP testing
Week of Monday, 2/8/21: Math MAP testing
Week of Tuesday, 2/16/21: Science MAP testing
Students should check their teachers' webpages for assignments that need to be completed during testing, as they will not see each teacher each day during testing.

Change to sign-in procedures for Zoom classes

Hello! Starting this Monday, 11/9/20, to sign into each of your Zoom classes you may be prompted to enter your full name and your school email address before you are admitted into class. This is for safety and security purposes. Please let me know if you have any questions.
See you in class Monday! Let's get the 2nd quarter of the 2020-2021 school year off to a strong start!
Ms. Craycraft

ELA 7 Novel Pick-up!

Parents and Students,
We will soon begin reading the novel A Long Walk to Water in ELA 7 class. Copies of the novel are available for pick-up in the PCLC main office. Please make arrangements to stop by and pick up a novel for ELA 7class as soon as possible. Thank you!
Ms. Craycraft

ELA 7 Learning Targets- Week of 9/14/2020

1) I can describe 3 types of learning (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) and determine which style of learning works best for me. 
2) I can define and give examples of power verbs (including: compare, contrast, analyze, explain, evaluate, etc.
3) I can write a personal narrative using appropriate writing structure.
4) I can provide supporting details when writing an informative essay.
5) I can define the word goal and determine 3 goals I have for the 2020- 2021 school year.

ELA 7 and 8 Learning Targets- Week of 9/8/2020

1) I can follow all Zoom class rules and expectations.
2) I can compare and contrast two types of learning.
3) I can evaluate the processes involved in remote learning.
4) I can get to know my teacher and classmates.

ELA 7B Google Classroom Code

Please use the following code to log into our ELA 7B Google Classroom: