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6th Grade ELA (Section 6B)

Course Description

Welcome to 6th grade ELA. I hope you had a great winter break and that you are ready for what surprises 2021 holds. For now we will continue the year virtually. All classes and assignments will be online, students will not be in the building until it is determined that this option is safe for both students and staff. Important information about class times, Zoom invites, assignments, and any other pertinent details will be contained on each teacher's class page. 
As we enter the winter season we will continue our reading of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. As I've said in the past, this is the first book in the Percy Jackson series, and is so popular that it's likely that some students have already read it. So far we have learned about Greek Mythology and studied the hero archetype. We are now starting to gather additional knowledge regarding myths and legends. We will resume our close reading, using the strategies we learned in the fall, and we will engage with additional texts to enhance our study of mythical allusions. Copies of the novel are available for pick up at Phoenix, but students also have access to a digital copy that they've used since school began in September. Some sites that students can expect to frequent are Zoom, NearPod, Study Island, ReadWorks, and CommonLit. If ever you need additional information or assistance, have questions, or need to reach me, the best way to do so is via email at  

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Study Island: Essay Planning

Lesson for 05/12/21:
Students will not attend ELA today due to NWEA MAP testing in math; however, I do have an online assignment for them to do: Please complete "Essay Planning" on Study Island. PLEASE COMPLETE THE LESSON PORTION BEFORE ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS!!!


Study Island Learning Paths

Lesson for 05/13/21:
Students will not come to ELA today due to NWEA MAP testing in Reading; however, they will be asked to work on their Study Island Learning Paths. Please send me a screenshot or email indicating which activities you completed. 


Work Day: Catch Up & Portfolios

Lesson for 05/14/21:
Students will have the opportunity to catch up on anything they are currently behind on, or, most will likely use this time to work on their portfolios. Reminder: Time is quickly running out to complete all of their work for the year. Note that I (& all 5/6 teachers) have tutoring sessions twice a day, every day, (except on testing days) - feel free to stop by for help on your portfolio assignments during any session.


Learning Targets for 05/10 - 05/14

  • I will be able to complete a creative writing activity using the random topics/items I’ve chosen from the metaphorical hat.
  • I will be able to identify the characteristics of an informational text and use them as a model for my own writing.
  • I will be able to correct grammar and spelling mistakes in my own writing.
  • I will be able to reread my own writing purposefully looking for errors.
  • I will be able to develop and strengthen my writing as needed by planning prior to writing.
  • I will be able to practice various ELA skills using my Study Island Learning Path.