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6A Science

Course Description

Welcome 6th graders!
Topic: 6A Science
Time: 1:30 - 2:15 PM
I am so excited to have you all in my online class this year! It is so important to stay on top of your school work. Please be attentive by showing up to class on time everyday. Participate by asking questions. Those who ask questions learn VERY well. I am always here to teach and to help. Contact me at my email:
Monday-Friday we will have our science class at starting at 1:30PM.
Meeting ID: 943 9546 3866
Passcode: mQCd8W

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Part 1 of the portfolio is due today!

Part 1 of the portfolio includes the length, width, and height of your ramp. It also includes the hypothesis you will be testing. It also includes information about how you will change a variable during the experiment. Lastly, it should have a description about how you will construct your ramp, which materials you will use, and where you will set it up in your house. 


Scientific Tools and Measurements

This is an assignment on Study Island.


Learning Targets 5/9

1. Finish researching ideas for your ramp.
2. Plan the experiment and identify the objects going down your ramps.
3. Discover the tools used in science and how they are used to obtain measurements.

Learning Targets for the Portfolio!

1. Design an experiment.
2. Test one variable in your experiment to see how it effects either distance or time.
3. Research ways to increase or decrease friction.
4. Build a ramp out of household materials. 
5. Write a 5 paragraph analysis and conclusion regarding the results of your experiment.

6th Grade Learning Targets

1. Independently calculate the density of several materials.
2. Discover the density of water. 
3. Explain why an engineer or an architect might need to know about density when designing a building. 
4. Learn two methods to get the volume of an object.