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Hawes First Grade-ELA Assignments

Ms. Charlene Hawes
2020 - 2021 School Year

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is exciting to start the school year–a warm welcome back to you and your child! During the early weeks of school, we will review the skills taught in Kindergarten. This review period will also give us the opportunity to get to know your child better so we can identify his or her particular areas of strength and weakness in reading. It is important that we determine exactly what level of instruction is most appropriate for your child. Once we have completed our evaluations, your child will be placed in the instructional materials most appropriate for his or her learning needs. You will begin to see more examples of classwork, as well as homework, on a regular basis. It is important that parents become involved in the education of their child. If you would like information on how you can help your child at home, please do not hesitate to contact me. You will continue to receive periodic family letters that will give you tips and activities to do with your child at home. I look forward to teaching your child this year and helping each student to grow as a reader!


ELA Learning Targets- Week 1-2

I can orally blend and segment single-syllable words with up to three phonemes.

I write upper- and lowercase letters: . [L.1.1a]

I can decode CVC words. [RF.1.3b]

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Unit 4- The Green Fern Zoo

Our class will start Unit 4 of the Core Knowledge Language Arts program this week. The reader for this unit is called The Green Fern Zoo. Your child will bring home stories you can read together about zookeeper Vern and the different types of animals he cares for at the Green Fern Zoo. Remember that reading at home with your child is important for his or her success as a reader. The stories can also be found on the Hub in Amplify Reading.
I can blend and segment one-syllable words.
I can read words with the /ar/ sound.
pg. 14.1
MAP Testing
MAP Testing
MAP Testing
I can identify nouns and verbs in a sentence.

Past Assignments


Domain 6- Astronomy

Domain Overview
Over the next few weeks, your child will be learning about astronomy. Your child will learn about the sun, the moon, the stars, and the eight planets in our solar system. Your child will also learn about space exploration, including the first astronauts to land on the moon. In the next few days, we will focus our study of astronomy on the sun, the moon, and the stars. The most powerful way you can help support your child’s learning about astronomy is to take him or her outside to observe the sky. 
Learning Targets
  • Explain that the sun, moon, and stars are located in outer space
  • Explain that the sun is a source of energy, light, and heat
  • Classify the sun as a star 
  • Identify the earth’s rotation, or spin, as the cause of day and night 
  • Recognize that other parts of the world experience nighttime while we have daytime
  • Explain sunrise and sunset
  •  Explain that Earth orbits the sun 
  • Describe stars as large, hot, distant, and made of gas 
  • Recognize the Big Dipper • Identify four phases of the moon—new, crescent, half, full
  • Explain that the moon orbits the earth • Explain the first landing on the moon by American astronauts
  • Indicate that there are eight planets in our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune)
Lesson 1- Introduction to the Sun and Space
 Lesson 2- The Earth and the Sun
Lesson- 3 Stars
 Lesson 4- Stargazing and Constellations
Lesson 5- The Moon
Monday-Lesson 6 History of Space Exploration and Astronauts
Tuesday- Lesson 7 Exploration of the Moon
Wednesday-Lesson 8 The Solar System, Part I
Thursday-Lesson 9 The Solar System, Part II


Domain 4-Early World Civilivations

During the next several days, your child will be learning about the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. S/he will learn about the importance of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for farming and for the cities that grew where people settled. Your child will also learn about the development of a system of writing called cuneiform, the existence of leaders called kings, and the importance of religion. Your child will come to understand that it is because of these key components that Mesopotamia is considered a civilization. Below are the read-alouds for each lesson. 
Learning Targets- I can ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
I can participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about Grade 1 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and large groups.
Lesson 4- The Religion of Babylon
Lesson 8- Amon-Ra and the Gods of Ancient Egypt
Tuesday- 2/9
Wednesday- 2/10
Thursday/Friday- Depending on testing
Lesson 16-


MAP Testing Assignments-1/28/2021

Please have your child complete the following assignments during testing on Thursday.

How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to

2. Students enter class code QXUCSQ

3. Tell your child that their default password is 1234

4. Click on their name

-What is the Solar System?

-A Day for Fishing


Amplify Reading-30 minutes



MyMath Assignments

Chapter 4 Spiral Review-this is review for Friday's test

Week 15 Countdown


Login to ConnectedEd for assignments


All work must be completed by 3:00 pm. I will monitor student progress on GoGuardian.


**Please be sure to click on the Green Assessment tab for additional assignments that must be completed. See the attachment for details.**








Unit 2- Gran

This unit is called Gran. It is about a well-traveled grandmother who visits her two grandchildren, Josh and Jen. In this unit students will:
-Ask and answer questions about key details in a text
-Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events
-Distinguish long from short vowel sounds in spoken single-syllable words
-Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.
-Decode regularly spelled one-syllable words
Monday- "Where is Wong? pg. 19
Tuesday- "The Swim Meet"- Introduce the sound /ie/ pg. 23
Wednesday-"At the Reef" pg.25
Thursday- Introduce the sound /oe/ pg. 29


Thanksgiving Break

Here are assignments to be completed over the Thanksgiving break.
-So Many Kinds of Food
-Wild Animals
Amplify Reading
-Complete 1 hour over break
-Chapter 3, Lesson 3 Practice
-Countdown to Test Week 16 and 15


Foundational Skills Boost/Unit 2

Foundational Skills Boost

Foundational Skills Boost is a video-based, self-guided instruction with resources for teacher-led small group activities, independent practice, and/or additional family resources for student support. This instruction focuses on unfinished foundational skills instruction from the spring of 2020 and is available on a dedicated, easy to use website that includes video instruction and readers. 

Monday- Week 7 , Day 1 Workbook pg. 5-6

Tuesday- Week 7 ,Day 2 Workbook pgs 7-9







Domain 2- The Human Body

The Human Body

During the next several days, your child will be learning about the human body. S/he will learn about five important body systems: skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, and nervous.

Below are some suggestions of activities to do at home to reinforce what your child is learning about how our bodies work to keep us alive. 

1. What’s Inside My Body?

Ask your child to describe a body organ that s/he learns about each day. Have her/him tell you why the organ is important and the name of the body system to which it belongs.

2. Systems at Work

Ask your child which body systems are at work as you walk, talk, eat, and read together. Encourage the use of vocabulary being learned at school by asking your child to explain how the systems are working together.

3. Draw and Write

Have your child draw and/or write about what has been learned about each of the body systems and then share the drawing and/or writing with you. Ask questions to keep your child using the vocabulary learned at school.


Lesson 1- Everyday Has a Body.

Lesson 2- The Body’s Framework

Lesson 3-Marvelous Moving Muscles

Lesson 4- Chew, Swallow, Squeeze, and Churn

Lesson 5- The Body’s Superhighway

Lesson 6- Control Central: The Brain

Lesson 7- Dr. Wellbody’s Heros

Lesson 8- Five Keys to Health

Lesson 9- The Pyramid Pantry

Lesson 10- What a Complicated Network





Amplify Reading/Foundational Skills Boost-During Testing

Assignment #1
Students should log in to their Amplify Reading account for 30 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Students should log in through their Google account at
Assignment #2
Foundational Skills Boost
Grade 1, Week 3, Day 2- Tuesday
Grade 1, Week 3, Day 3-Wednesday



Tricky Words for Week of 9/28


all, some, is, to, no, so, of, I, a


Activity pages students are to complete in their workbooks



Monday-12.1, 12.2


Tuesday- 13.1, 13.2, 13.3


Wednesday- 14.1


Thursday- 15.1, 15.2


Friday- 16.1


Read Alouds-Domain 1 Fables and Stories

 Domain 1 Fables and Stories
 Please watch and review the title, characters, setting, plot, and moral/lesson of each story with your student, use the attached form for each Fable. 
Lesson 1- The Boy Who Cried Wolf- 9/10
Lesson 2- The Maid and the Milk Pail-9/11
Lesson 3-The Goose and the Golden Eggs- 9/14
Lesson 4- The Dog in the Manger- 9/17
Lesson 5- The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing- 9/21
Lesson 6- The Fox and the Grapes- 9/22
Lesson 7-The Little Half-Chick (Medio Pollito)- 9/23
Lesson 8-The Crowded, Noisy House
Lesson 9-The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Lesson 10-All Stories Are Anansi’s